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Why mood boards are so important before building

Building your dream home or renovation is SO exciting it’s tempting to jump straight into making decisions and building it as quickly as possible so you can move in, am I right?

Building without a clear vision of exactly how you want your home to look and feel, let’s be real is a recipe for disaster. This is why we recommend before you get plans drawn and start choosing materials, to sit down and take the time to create a mood board first.

How to create a mood board

Start by finding your favourite kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, textures and colours and begin putting together a Pinterest board of photos. Get home magazines and cut out pages of homes you love. Work out what you like and dislike. The more you research, the clearer your vision will be of what home you want to create.

Once you have these images together, use Canva to create the ultimate mood board of 5 – 10 photos and colours that represents the home you are trying to achieve. Does this look like the home you are trying to create?

Next, write down 4 -5 words that describe your vision. Eg. “Tropical, resort on the surf coast.” This will help when describing to architects, builders and interior designers the type of home you want to design.

Not only is this a fun process to do before you begin your build, but it will make it so much easier when you’re choosing things like paint colour, tiles, etc.

Happy mood boarding!

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