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Transforming your bathroom into a calming retreat

Making Your Bathroom Feel Like A Day Spa

For most of us, the bathroom is a place to spend time on your own after a busy day, cleansing your body and washing away your thoughts and stresses. If you have young kids, often this is the only time you get to spend on your own looking after your own body, so it’s important that this space is as peaceful and as relaxing as possible. 

Do you want to renovate your bathroom for all the day spa vibes? Here are our best tips to achieving that look.


Bringing nature indoors through your interiors is the key to feeling relaxed in your bathroom. 

Choosing round shapes and soft matte textures can help to create a sense of calmness. Choose a round or arch-shaped mirror to remind you of the sun rising on the horizon, a rainfall showerhead to feel like you are under a waterfall and rounded tapware. 

Timber vanities with their natural imperfections bring a sense of connection to nature and wellness. Having matte, stone looking tiles and basins or rendered walls will help make you feel like you’re outdoors. For stone and concrete looking basins check out Concrete Nation, Nood Co, New Form Concreting. 


Lighting is so important to make your bathroom feel like a sanctuary and relaxing at night time. 

Bring in as much natural light as possible to connect with the outdoors, and consider hanging a vertical garden outside the window so you aren’t just looking at a fence is a great way to make your bathroom feel private and secluded from your neighbours. 

Choose warm lights to make you feel sleepy rather than white fluorescent lights. Having a dimmer light can be a great way to create a relaxing and calm environment. Think of also including LED lights around the mirror or in the shower nook. Consider a heat light to help in those winter months when it’s cold getting out of the shower. 


It really isn’t a day spa without a free-standing bath. Choose a statement bath, that will grab your attention every time you enter the bathroom. Freestanding baths have a luxurious and sophisticated look about them and are super inviting to lie in and rewind after a hard day at work. 

A double shower head and double basin in an ensuite give you a real upmarket, luxurious feel to your bathroom. It can make it feel like a couples retreat. 


Choose a feature colour for your bathroom and match the colours of your towels to your basin, feature tiles, a vase or pot, and your hand wash and hand cream. Having consistent colours creates a theme and is visually appealing to look at. 

Put lush natural body oils, hand wash and hand cream on display to make you feel luxurious and like you’re at a hotel. 

Add a stool next to the bath with a towel, book and a candle to really feel like your bathroom is out of a magazine. 


Finally, one of the most important aspects to making your bathroom feel like a day spa is by diffusing relaxing oils such as lavender, orange and bergamot. These scents will have you calm and in spa mode in no time. 

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