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Tips on making your new house feel homey 

You’ve got a beautiful new space but sometimes it’s hard to work out what to put in it to make it feel like home. Here are some tips on how to make your space feel comfy and homey.


 Art helps give your room personality, shows your guests your style and story. Finding a piece of art that you love takes time, don’t rush into it as you don’t want to get sick of looking at it in 5 years. Look for artwork that speaks to you and suits the style of the home with similar colours. 



Candles burning in a home not only make the house smell nice and inviting, but it also brings a sense of warmth with the flame burning too. Find a large candle that you love the smell of from your local homewares store and place it on your coffee table. 


Placing a few books on your coffee table whether it be homewares books, cookbooks or travel books, are great for styling. They’re also nice for guests to pick up and flick through when sitting on the couch.


Adding different textures like throws, cushions and rugs, help to make the room feel warm and cosy. Textures soften the room from its hard surfaces like wood, plasterboard, tiles etc. 


Lighting is super important. Lamps and candles with a golden light rather than a white light are much more calm and relaxing. It brings warmth to the room. 

Plants and flowers

Not only do plants look aesthetically pleasing in a home and give a gorgeous hue of greenery, but they also purify the air from toxins. Flowers can be a great touch to make the house smell amazing too. 



Choosing colours for your home is the key to making your home feel homey and relaxing. Opt for lighter, pastel colours like light blues, greens or pinks rather than neon and dark colours have the opposite effect. Have you ever seen red doona cover and sheets in a magazine? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 


 Less is more 

As tempting as it is to fill your home with lots of beautiful pieces, less is most definitely more. Too much clutter will do the opposite and make your home a sensory overload and appear messy. 

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