Bedroom Makeover

Top Tips For Giving Your Bedroom A Makeover


Bedroom lighting is key to relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day to ensure you get the best nights sleep. Ceiling lighting is designed to be as bright as possible to light up the room for practical purposes. Think about putting in a hanging pendant in the corner over your bedside table, a wall light that is perfect for reading, or a cheaper option find a free-standing statement lamp. If you’re wanting to take your bedroom lighting to the next level, LED lights under your wardrobe are a great touch to making your room feel like a hotel. Ambient lighting helps you transition to sleep, creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere and is great for reading.


Let your personality shine through your decor. Whether that is through your colour scheme, artwork, vases, furniture, bedhead etc. When shopping for styling items, take the time to find pieces you love. Get inspiration from Pinterest and only buy it if you see it as a forever piece rather than one that is following a trend. If you love it, you won’t get sick of it. Invest in these pieces, there is no point going to Kmart and finding lots of little cheap, crappy items that you don’t even like. Shop locally at your homewares stores and I’m sure you’ll find pieces you can save up for and love forever.


Invest in good quality bed linen will make you feel as though you’re at a hotel every night. Choose soft colours like white, pinks, greys, greens, blues, oranges etc, avoid bright colours like red which create irritable feelings. If you go into Adairs, you would know that cushions make a bed feel big and grand. Don’t go too overboard though, Brands for linen include: Bed Threads, I love Linen and Adairs.


A bed-frame and nice bedhead/mattress – Find yourself a beautiful bedhead that you love whether it be rattan to remind you of holidays or a soft quilted one to add texture to create a sense of calm.

Bedside Table – Finding a bedside table that matches the style of your room whilst being large enough to hold your book, a glass of water, a candle and a vase can be difficult. Take the time to find one you love and that is practical, not a small stool that is going to end up frustrating you as it’s too small to put anything on it.

Full-length mirror – You want a mirror that is full length, a cute shape or has a nice frame. Think of it as a statement piece for your room. Mirrors can help make the room seem bigger as well. They’re expensive, but great investment pieces that you’ll have forever.


Plants and Flowers – You don’t want your bedroom feeling stale and sterile like a hospital. Give your room some life like a cute indoor plant in a coloured pot that matches your linen or if you aren’t good at keeping plants alive, a gorgeous bunch of dried flowers last forever and make such a difference to the feel of your room.


Lastly, making your room smell nice will give all those day spa vibes. Not only are candles smell great, but the flame can also make the room feel peaceful and calm. A diffuser with natural essential oils like lavender can create a relaxing fragrance and make you sleepy.

Transforming your bathroom into a calming retreat

Making Your Bathroom Feel Like A Day Spa

For most of us, the bathroom is a place to spend time on your own after a busy day, cleansing your body and washing away your thoughts and stresses. If you have young kids, often this is the only time you get to spend on your own looking after your own body, so it’s important that this space is as peaceful and as relaxing as possible. 

Do you want to renovate your bathroom for all the day spa vibes? Here are our best tips to achieving that look.


Bringing nature indoors through your interiors is the key to feeling relaxed in your bathroom. 

Choosing round shapes and soft matte textures can help to create a sense of calmness. Choose a round or arch-shaped mirror to remind you of the sun rising on the horizon, a rainfall showerhead to feel like you are under a waterfall and rounded tapware. 

Timber vanities with their natural imperfections bring a sense of connection to nature and wellness. Having matte, stone looking tiles and basins or rendered walls will help make you feel like you’re outdoors. For stone and concrete looking basins check out Concrete Nation, Nood Co, New Form Concreting. 


Lighting is so important to make your bathroom feel like a sanctuary and relaxing at night time. 

Bring in as much natural light as possible to connect with the outdoors, and consider hanging a vertical garden outside the window so you aren’t just looking at a fence is a great way to make your bathroom feel private and secluded from your neighbours. 

Choose warm lights to make you feel sleepy rather than white fluorescent lights. Having a dimmer light can be a great way to create a relaxing and calm environment. Think of also including LED lights around the mirror or in the shower nook. Consider a heat light to help in those winter months when it’s cold getting out of the shower. 


It really isn’t a day spa without a free-standing bath. Choose a statement bath, that will grab your attention every time you enter the bathroom. Freestanding baths have a luxurious and sophisticated look about them and are super inviting to lie in and rewind after a hard day at work. 

A double shower head and double basin in an ensuite give you a real upmarket, luxurious feel to your bathroom. It can make it feel like a couples retreat. 


Choose a feature colour for your bathroom and match the colours of your towels to your basin, feature tiles, a vase or pot, and your hand wash and hand cream. Having consistent colours creates a theme and is visually appealing to look at. 

Put lush natural body oils, hand wash and hand cream on display to make you feel luxurious and like you’re at a hotel. 

Add a stool next to the bath with a towel, book and a candle to really feel like your bathroom is out of a magazine. 


Finally, one of the most important aspects to making your bathroom feel like a day spa is by diffusing relaxing oils such as lavender, orange and bergamot. These scents will have you calm and in spa mode in no time. 

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We have created the ultimate last-minute gift guide to help you choose your Mum the perfect gift this year. With everything from nice jewellery to restaurant vouchers, you’ll find something for every Mum. All these gifts can be found locally on the Surf Coast and support local businesses. 

Let's Shop...


A Stunning printed yoga mat made from Natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles, your mum will be sure to love this gift.


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers to make the house smell nice. 


Get your mum a beautiful piece of By Charlotte jewellery she can wear everyday and remind her of you. 


Cute coffee table books from House warming. 


Bopo women luxurious body oils for your Mum to feel like she’s going to a day spa everytime she enters the bathroom. 


A gorgeous tea gift pack or a locally made Mum mug 


Cute glass coup sets are perfect to have for dining and entertaining. 


Can’t go wrong with a local restaurant gift voucher for your Mum to indulge in some of the best food on the Surf Coast. 


Fluffy, good quality slippers to keep your Mum cosy this winter. Homewares shop located in Barwon heads. 


Locally made homemade soaps, bath bombs, oils and sprays. Every Mum will love this gift. 


Gorgeous Country Road bag from the local pop up Torquay store. Also has lots of cosy knits. 


Stunning Salty Aura rugs can be found at Gypsy and Co. Can be used as picnic rugs, throw rugs and beach towels. 

Tips on making your new house feel homey 

You’ve got a beautiful new space but sometimes it’s hard to work out what to put in it to make it feel like home. Here are some tips on how to make your space feel comfy and homey.


 Art helps give your room personality, shows your guests your style and story. Finding a piece of art that you love takes time, don’t rush into it as you don’t want to get sick of looking at it in 5 years. Look for artwork that speaks to you and suits the style of the home with similar colours. 



Candles burning in a home not only make the house smell nice and inviting, but it also brings a sense of warmth with the flame burning too. Find a large candle that you love the smell of from your local homewares store and place it on your coffee table. 


Placing a few books on your coffee table whether it be homewares books, cookbooks or travel books, are great for styling. They’re also nice for guests to pick up and flick through when sitting on the couch.


Adding different textures like throws, cushions and rugs, help to make the room feel warm and cosy. Textures soften the room from its hard surfaces like wood, plasterboard, tiles etc. 


Lighting is super important. Lamps and candles with a golden light rather than a white light are much more calm and relaxing. It brings warmth to the room. 

Plants and flowers

Not only do plants look aesthetically pleasing in a home and give a gorgeous hue of greenery, but they also purify the air from toxins. Flowers can be a great touch to make the house smell amazing too. 



Choosing colours for your home is the key to making your home feel homey and relaxing. Opt for lighter, pastel colours like light blues, greens or pinks rather than neon and dark colours have the opposite effect. Have you ever seen red doona cover and sheets in a magazine? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 


 Less is more 

As tempting as it is to fill your home with lots of beautiful pieces, less is most definitely more. Too much clutter will do the opposite and make your home a sensory overload and appear messy. 

Coolest places to stay in Victoria

From luxury resorts to tiny homes, these top places we have picked out to stay are most definitely out of the ordinary. Take your weekend getaway to the next level with some of the coolest spots to stay in Victoria.

The Pole House

Located on the famous The Great Ocean Road, The Pole House is a suspended home that is certain to take your breath away. With spectacular views of the ocean and luxury features in the home, this is a bucket-list must stay.

Lightstation Studio

Situated in Cape Otway lies this original light keepers quarters next to the lighthouse. Truly a once in a lifetime experience, you have access to the heritage precinct after hours. Relax and rejuvenate on this little trip along the coast.

RACV Cape Schanck Resort

Looking for a romantic getaway? The RACV at Cape Schanck is calling your name. 

Not only is this rustic looking building impressive both inside and out, but it’s also situated in the dunes and dense scrubland overlooking the Bass Strait.

Elliot Tiny Home

This tiny home is the perfect place to completely escape from the world. Set near the Grampians national park, this tiny home is a breath of fresh air. This tiny home is so different from anything you’ll ever stay in, reconnect with nature and have a campfire under the stars.

Cosy Tents Daylesford

If you’re not into setting up tents and camping in the rugged bush, but like the idea of being outdoors, then glamping is for you. 

Cosy tents come fully furnished and set up for you before you arrive. You can even order a breakfast box or a wine and chocolate package. Treat yourself and book into the mineral spa in Hepburn springs while you’re there, I mean it’d be rude not to!

Notel Melbourne

Located on a rooftop in the Melbourne CBD, this unique accommodation is certainly not for everyone. A 1970s trailer completely refitted as designer urban accommodation is a great way to change up your next stay in Melbourne.

Glenlowren Yarra Valley

Well-known for its indulgent food and wine, the Yarra Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Victoria. 

Glenlowren chic luxury accommodation makes you feel right at home. 

Explore some of Victorias best wineries or do the extreme and take a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley.

We hope this gives you some inspiration on where to go on your next weekend getaways!

Why mood boards are so important before building

Building your dream home or renovation is SO exciting it’s tempting to jump straight into making decisions and building it as quickly as possible so you can move in, am I right?

Building without a clear vision of exactly how you want your home to look and feel, let’s be real is a recipe for disaster. This is why we recommend before you get plans drawn and start choosing materials, to sit down and take the time to create a mood board first.

How to create a mood board

Start by finding your favourite kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, textures and colours and begin putting together a Pinterest board of photos. Get home magazines and cut out pages of homes you love. Work out what you like and dislike. The more you research, the clearer your vision will be of what home you want to create.

Once you have these images together, use Canva to create the ultimate mood board of 5 – 10 photos and colours that represents the home you are trying to achieve. Does this look like the home you are trying to create?

Next, write down 4 -5 words that describe your vision. Eg. “Tropical, resort on the surf coast.” This will help when describing to architects, builders and interior designers the type of home you want to design.

Not only is this a fun process to do before you begin your build, but it will make it so much easier when you’re choosing things like paint colour, tiles, etc.

Happy mood boarding!

Torquay, a great place to live.

Torquay is a very desirable place to live, work and play.

If you need some more convincing then simply have a look at this great time lapse video. Then once you have finished give us a call and we’ll build you your dream home overlooking the famous Bells Beach surf break.