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Top Tips For Giving Your Bedroom A Makeover


Bedroom lighting is key to relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day to ensure you get the best nights sleep. Ceiling lighting is designed to be as bright as possible to light up the room for practical purposes. Think about putting in a hanging pendant in the corner over your bedside table, a wall light that is perfect for reading, or a cheaper option find a free-standing statement lamp. If you’re wanting to take your bedroom lighting to the next level, LED lights under your wardrobe are a great touch to making your room feel like a hotel. Ambient lighting helps you transition to sleep, creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere and is great for reading.


Let your personality shine through your decor. Whether that is through your colour scheme, artwork, vases, furniture, bedhead etc. When shopping for styling items, take the time to find pieces you love. Get inspiration from Pinterest and only buy it if you see it as a forever piece rather than one that is following a trend. If you love it, you won’t get sick of it. Invest in these pieces, there is no point going to Kmart and finding lots of little cheap, crappy items that you don’t even like. Shop locally at your homewares stores and I’m sure you’ll find pieces you can save up for and love forever.


Invest in good quality bed linen will make you feel as though you’re at a hotel every night. Choose soft colours like white, pinks, greys, greens, blues, oranges etc, avoid bright colours like red which create irritable feelings. If you go into Adairs, you would know that cushions make a bed feel big and grand. Don’t go too overboard though, Brands for linen include: Bed Threads, I love Linen and Adairs.


A bed-frame and nice bedhead/mattress – Find yourself a beautiful bedhead that you love whether it be rattan to remind you of holidays or a soft quilted one to add texture to create a sense of calm.

Bedside Table – Finding a bedside table that matches the style of your room whilst being large enough to hold your book, a glass of water, a candle and a vase can be difficult. Take the time to find one you love and that is practical, not a small stool that is going to end up frustrating you as it’s too small to put anything on it.

Full-length mirror – You want a mirror that is full length, a cute shape or has a nice frame. Think of it as a statement piece for your room. Mirrors can help make the room seem bigger as well. They’re expensive, but great investment pieces that you’ll have forever.


Plants and Flowers – You don’t want your bedroom feeling stale and sterile like a hospital. Give your room some life like a cute indoor plant in a coloured pot that matches your linen or if you aren’t good at keeping plants alive, a gorgeous bunch of dried flowers last forever and make such a difference to the feel of your room.


Lastly, making your room smell nice will give all those day spa vibes. Not only are candles smell great, but the flame can also make the room feel peaceful and calm. A diffuser with natural essential oils like lavender can create a relaxing fragrance and make you sleepy.

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